About Us - Employer

JobCircuits is founded on the vision to enhance and revamp the hiring and job seeking process.

We create a solution for employers to seek out potential employees to fill a vacancy in their organisation. Our solution is a proactive approach that will help save time and money for employers of all types. We are also founded with the believe that opportunity is always there if there is a platform for it.

Our integrated system allows individuals both employed and unemployed to be available for recruitment opportunity should any employers find that they possess and/or match the required criteria that the employer is looking for.

Our Mission

JobCircuits' objective is to create a beneficial solution for both employers and employees alike. Through the means of technology, we assist employers to locate individuals that best suit a vacancy in their organisation.

The conventional approach is time consuming and can be costly. Hence, our matching solution speeds up the process of locating a talent at a fraction of the conventional cost.

JobCircuits is also on a mission to create opportunity for all individuals. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be recruited even if they are employed.

Every individual possesses a combination of skills and experiences that is different and our solutions provides the platform for employers seeking those skills and experiences to find them.